Centre for Fashion Curation

A fresh look for a world-leading research centre.

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The problem

  • The Centre for Fashion Curation needed an online presence worthy of its world-leading reputation to welcome online visitors and use it as part of funding applications.

  • The old presence on the university website consisted of only one, long page containing the amount of content that could be hosted on a single website.

  • Content was lengthy and written in academic form - hard to read and navigate. Information was not up-to-date and lacked images. One could never imagine this was a renowned institution!

  • The editor of their pages needed something that could be updated quickly and easily.

My role

  • I met with stakeholders to understand their goals and work out the content they had.

  • I reassured them that they could get a respectable online presence with less text and convinced them to adopt a user-focused approach.

  • I rewrote content to make it shorter and easier to understand and I divided it onto more pages to facilitate navigation. I also outsourced good, high-res images that matched the style the centre wanted to present itself with.

  • I trained their editor on using our CMS and gave them tips on good content.

The result

A new online presence for the Centre for Fashion Curation, worthy of its worldwide reputation:

  • New landing page with attention-grabbing images and clear signposts to their projects and other sections.

  • A clean, organised 'About' page with clear messaging. Just a few lines and it's easy now for users to understand what the centre does and where it's located.

  • A bespoke template for projects - easy to copy and edit as needed.

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