Instagram curation

Making the Instagram profile of the Top 2 university in the world for Art & Design worthy of its name.

Raising the profile of a world-leading institution

University of the Arts London (UAL) is the one of the leading universities in the world for art and design ​and deserved a respectable online presence. With over 1200 social media accounts (both official and student-made), the messaging was unclear, fragmentary and off-brand.

Managing the official account and co-ordinating publishing and content outsourcing, I managed to:

  • Increase our followers
    to over 80k (November 2020) from just around 15k (February 2018).


  • Make the profile rank 6th in the UK and 118th in the world for number of followers among universities accounts (UniRank Top 200 University Instagram Rankings 2020).

  • Improve content strategy and give our audience what they were looking for
    Cutting-edge design work that looks good on Instagram and covers the variety of subjects taught at UAL.

  • Improve branding
    collaborating with the Brand Team, we have rolled out bespoke social media templates to create content quickly, easily and on brand.

  • Improve user journey
    Our audience can now easily recognise that this is the university's official account and we have started rationalising the number of accounts across the university.

ig profile _ general.png

I have receive praise for my work on social from high level stakeholders, including the Director of Communications & External Affairs and Communication Managers across all UAL Colleges.

UAL Graduate Showcase (Campaign)

The Graduate Showcase is UAL's response to the coronavirus pandemic - an online platform for graduating students to showcase their incredible talent.

This instagram campaign aimed at promoting the platform with the students' best work and had:

  • 25,000+ interactions with content

  • Instagram engagement increased by 50%

  • 100,000+ sessions to website from social


This also had a positive impact on the use of the #UALShowcase hashtag:

  • 206,000+ people reached

  • 435,000+ impressions (views)

  • 1500+ user-generated posts 

  • 13,000+ engagements on user-generated content


Coronavirus help and support (Campaign)

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, classes and all interactions moved online. It was necessary to signpost students to all available resources to support them during these difficult times.

This campaign only used Instagram Stories to make use of the swipe up function and promote academic resources, online library services, career support, wellbeing resources and online cultural content. With help from the marketing team, we also asked some students to take over our stories and show what they were creating at home.

The campaign had:

  • ​5,000+ views per single story

  • 12,000+ interactions (swipe ups, shares, replies and profile visits).


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